I’d rather have a significant other that truly loves me than to be single.

Weird—- Very!

Weird—- Very!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

You Left Me

You left me for another woman.

And I heard she wasn’t even about nothing.

But when we were together I thought we had something.

I really cared about you.

But I guess a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

You didn’t have to do me like that though.

You left me in the cold and snow.

But now that I’m back on my feet,

I’m going to give you the heat.

Because I am hot as fire.

And I’m going to do what my heart desires.

Now that I realize you weren’t anything but a liar.

But now I have to move on.

Because I know that there is a man out there that won’t do me wrong.

And when I find this special man,

Don’t you try to run back to me.

Because I just might do you like you did me.

And I will have no remorse or pity.

Letter To You

Hello there,

just wanted to tell u not to be afraid to tell me your most inner feeelings. I will not get mad, curse, or storm off, I promise to genuinely listen and not be rude.

i promise to take a walk in your shoes. I promise I’m not cruel.

don’t be scared to true your real true colors. Because you might just be the perfect array of colors for me. is there a pot of gold at the bottom of your raibow.

I guess we willnever know.

Education says a lot about a man.

Education says a lot about a man.